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Translation framework

Client Profile

Our client, Via Inc. offers a range of innovative translation and localization strategies to help communicate across borders efficiently and cost effectively. Their web application provides platform for clients with hierarchies across industries to Automate, Manage multi lingual translations. Same Application also acts as platform for vendors to provide translation services. Since their in-house team was focused on the core business planning and execution, ECI was contracted for development and maintenance of their application framework.

The Challenge

Estimating, assigning translation services was a very time consuming activity for the planners and involves a lot of manual work which is highly error prone. An algorithm for generating quotes to invoices automatically based on customer inputs is in use. Altering these algorithms to meet new business needs of Client is required.

Scope and Model

  • Analysing the business requirements and designing the work flows
  • Building the core components of the framework for reusability
  • Release cycles to be planned in accordance with the priorities of the stakeholders


Developed new secured multi-level customer hierarchy system extending regular user authentication. Secured file access component is developed for file serving based on user role. Location based secure system component is developed to meet various country level restrictions.