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Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers

The emergence of mobile devices, Internet of things, web applications, online advertising, social networking and analytics have caused an explosion in data. In addition, sources of Big Data will include sensors, smart spaces, wearable devices, and biometric and medical equipment. Our Big Data expertise will help manage this structured and unstructured data whether internal or external, combine with data from social media sites and handle real time processing to deliver business insights to users for making decisions. Our talented team includes Big data project managers, Big data developers, Business Intelligence solutions architects, Business Intelligence (BI) engineers, Data visualization developers and Quality assurance specialists. We provide the following services to help meet your data challenges:

  • Manage unstructured data using Hadoop on Azure HDInsight, Amazon EC2/S3 and Google Compute
  • Manage relational data using databases such as SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
  • Data discovery from multiple sources using Query tools such as Power Query
  • Analyze Big Data with powerful tools such as Power View, Power Pivot & Power Map to deliver business insights to end users
  • Predictive analytics using machine learning
  • Scale insights to the entire organization by publishing in Sharepoint or a Power BI site


Hadoop Platforms: Cloudera, HDInsight, AWS, Hortonworks
Big Data: Hadoop, Map Reduce, HDFS, HBase, Storm, Spark, NoSQL, SQL, Machine Learning & Data mining
Query, Reporting & Visualization: Polybase, Power Query, Power BI, SSRS, Tableau
Analysis & Processing: R, Python, SAS, Matlab, Mathematica
Databases: MySQL, SQL Server PDW, Oracle, MongoDB
Languages: Java, C#, C++, Python, R, Clojure
User Interface: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular JS, Bootstrap

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