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System Testing for Remote Management Application

Client Profile

Our client is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and service of innovative connectivity products for the data and telecommunication industries


Our client contracted ESN to perform testing on a remote management software application to control the circuits, voltage and current from a remote place where the device will be placed. Also the user can set the alarms for different conditions, like temperature, humidity and loss of communication. The application is having both administrator and normal user login privilege.

Test Scope And Coverage

  • Testing the RMS software from Web Interface, SNMP Interface and USB communication
  • Testing the application in a memory limit of 512 mb
  • Testing will include comparison of the expected result of each of the three communications, i.e. WEB, USB and SNMP
  • Testing the application with the sensors and Hardware

Test Strategy

After signing off on test requirements, the test plan was prepared for proper identification of scope, features to be tested, test strategy, hardware and software requirements and test schedule. A UI validation check list is prepared to make sure that all the UI components are implemented properly.

Daily Summary Sheet

Telect-Daily Summary


Testing activity metrics and results are collected and analyzed to help the decision making and to improve team efficiency. Defect Removal Efficiency: ESN Team has achieved more than 95% of Defect Removal Efficiency
  • RTM: Requirement Tractability Matrix was prepared to analyze the coverage of the testing
  • Test Coverage: The test coverage for this project is 100%
Defect Characterization: All the defects found are classified in one of following categories:
  • Logic Related Defects
  • Data Type Handling Defects
  • Integration Defects
  • Checking Defects
  • Functionality Defects

Customer Benefits

Thorough Testing: Thorough testing of the application uncovered hidden bugs resulting in defect-free software. Bug Report: The detailed bug report helped the client solve issues with the third-party tools and hardware.