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System Testing for Mobile and Desktop applications.

Client Profile

Our client is a popular human factors engineering-based research and experience design company that also builds consumer electronics and innovative high-tech products. Since their in-house team was focused on Research and development, they needed extra assistance testing their Desktop and Mobile applications on a wide range of devices and environments.

The Challenge

We helped set up a uniform testing framework to facilitate our QA team worked closely with our client's research and development team in order to ensure frequently changing requirements were accounted for. Our efficient use of test frameworks and test planning & execution process gave the client confidence their application would support a wide user base..

Test Scope and Coverage

  • Devised a test plan that detailed the schedule, testing strategy and resource requirements.
  • The mobile application was slated to launch to a wide range of real devices so extensive compatibility testing was carried on smartphones and tablets connected to Desktop application via wireless networks and real mobile operator networks.
  • Non-functional requirements such as battery consumption, Lower bandwidth and wireless network support also needed to be tested.


Turnaround time on defect fixing and regression testing was reduced drastically also achieved more than 95% Defect Removal Efficiency. Our risk-based testing knowledge and experience enabled us to help the client deliver a relatively bug-free product within their time, resource and budgetary constraints.