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Responsive Web Design Application

Client Profile

Our client develops medication management solutions that focus on Long Term Care; it prepares a Paperless Medication Management. The product is built on the Android platform and will work on a variety of devices. The eMAR system focuses on workflow. This improves the accuracy of MedPass and reduces errors. It is all set up in a time-based manner that makes it simple to deliver the right drug at the right time. eMAR system enables to enhance the level of service they provide to the long-term care facilities to serve, decrease the paperwork and allows the facility to improve their service level to the residents. The MedMgr application is intended to replace the existing Tocarré and iMAR application suite by providing the same functionality in a more streamlined and updated UI.

The Challenge

Developing the applications using the HTML5 and CSS3.0 for Cross-platform support and responsive web design for existing application. Testing the Application using different devices such as tablets, other pad type devices, and Desktops.

Application Scope

  • To design the web application and the layout of the screens to ensure smooth and quick response to the MedMgr.
  • Medpass application is used by a technician when performing rounds to save the resident's Medications.
  • Nurse Station: Client system located on a nurse's desktop that contains all eMAR and Tocarre Notifier application functionality.
  • iMAR Client: Pharmacy application resident on pharmacy client systems.
  • Reports: Design SSRS reports to view data saved to the database through a web application.
  • Packages: To import Medispan, NPI, WHOICD10 related data into the local database.


The easy and quick response of medication to the Residents, Nurse and Pharmacy through MedMgr. Solved the paperwork bottleneck in Long Term Care while helping to assure accurate and timely delivery of medications to residents.
MedMgr's Register New Device: medmgr
Staff Login: staff-login
Account Login: account-login
Home Menu: home-menu
Add New Staff: add-newstaff
Add/Edit Resident: add-edit-resident
Resident LOA: residentloa
Resident Discharge: resident-discharge
Place Orders: placeorder
Reports: reports
Maintain Locations: maintain-locations
Maintain Configurations: maintain-configrations