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Move to Cloud Enables Customer Growth

Client Profile

A pioneer in the irrigation industry, this client uses advanced technologies, including satellite monitoring, high-resolution digital aerial infrared imagery, neutron probes and sophisticated webbased capabilities, to provide its end customers with real-time, accurate and critical information on crops, water resources and irrigation needs.


ESN Technologies had worked with the client for six years, developing several applications to improve the client's operations. We also enhanced and re-engineered other applications, enabling the client to better serve its existing customers and expand its customer base. As the client's customer base increased exponentially, it created new challenges in regards to meeting customer service expectations. Therefore, the client needed to quickly grow its operations to assure system availability and appropriate scaling of services.


ESN Technologies approached the project from a broader context, addressing both application and infrastructure portfolio management. We analyzed the client's situation and needs with the objective of optimizing the overall system, not just modernizing an application. Upon considering the client's requirements,evaluation criteria and architecture principles,ESN Technologies recommended a cloud computing strategy, developed a roadmap and built a business plan to address the client's challenges and concerns. With the client's consent, ESN Technologies re-factored, revised and rebuilt the client's entire suit of applications for hosting in the cloud. This approach also provided ample opportunities for us to make improvements within each application.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQL Server Azure
  • .Net Framework 4.5


By modernizing and centralizing its computing power in the cloud, the client achieved economies of scale and improved customer access with variable server capacity. This enabled the client to meet the growing customer demand for its services, which then resulted in an 8 percent increase in revenues within six months.