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MedsCart HIMSS Device Application


Our client is a world leader in HIMSS mobile solutions in medical and healthcare technologies. Leveraging more than a decade of healthcare experience, Our client understands the unique needs of healthcare providers and consistently delivers unmatched products and services with about 40,000 client installations.


Client uses wheeled carts generally used in patient care situations to dispense medications. This cart supports a Windows based portable system with an application that controls access to a set of lockable drawers.Access to these drawers is based on timer values associated with specific users who must enter an assigned access code. Client intended to revise the HIMSS show version of the MedsCart Client stand-alone application to C# and Ms-Access which is compatible in different hardware versions of the HIMSS devices. Our client also intended to increase the stability and robustness of the application and enhance it to the level required for an initial customer delivery.


As the requirements are elaborated progressively in steps, incremental process was adopted as a project management methodology. This involved the interim deliverables with partial implementation of the functionality. ESN modified the driver access to generic classes to effectively interact with the different versions of the hardware. The solution offered a single installable that included all the driver and database files. The user is forced to close the drawers and cassettes in the right sequence avoiding the access for the unauthorized users. Configurable alarm timers were designed to remind the user to close the drawers in a stipulated time. All the user actions were logged automatically for the purpose of any later audits.


Development Tools:
  • MS Access 2003
  • Visual Studio .Net 2005 and C#


The solution simplified the entire installation process making it easier for the client to distribute the product. Also, the application was much easier to operate as minimum numbers of clicks were designed for its operation. ESN quickly and efficiently developed the solution enabling the client to successfully demonstrate the initial version of the product to potential product buyers.