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Media Planning framework

Client Profile

Our client is a leading media planner OOH advertising. Their web application platform provides the framework for planning, proposal making and tracking the campaigns.

The Challenge

Media and campaign planning was a very time-consuming activity for the planners and involves a lot of manual work which is highly error prone. Collection of media space quotes from various Vendors who operate in the designated market areas and applying the business rules for different media types depending on the GRPs, lighting technology, illumination type, etc. is very challenging for the planners and a serious challenge to data consistency and turnaround times.

Scope and Model

  • Analysing the business requirements and designing the workflows
  • Building the core components of the framework for reusability
  • Testing and verification of the application with real-time data
  • Planning release cycles based on the priorities of stakeholders


  • Media planning time reduced to 15 minutes from 40 hours
  • Fast tracked product backlog so that new feature additions and releases helped client realize the time to market goals.
  • Turnaround time for defect fixing and regression testing reduced drastically
  • Achieved more than 95% Defect Removal Efficiency

Our risk-based testing knowledge and experience enabled us to help the client deliver a relatively bug-free product within their time, resource and budgetary constraints.