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Established Data Extraction Patterns Save Development Costs

Client Profile

Client is a leading developer of Canadian healthcare management software. For over a decade, they have provided healthcare professionals with the software tools and support they need to better manage their customer organizations.


The client's enterprise management solution (EMS) integrates human resources and payroll software systems. It enables users to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and produce the quality information required by the complex demands of the healthcare industry.The challenge, however, was that the EMS interacted with various databases and did notprovide a comprehensive reporting system for customers. The client wanted to extract, transform and load (ETL) the data from the divergent sources to develop a centralized data warehouse that would support an improved and integrated reporting tool for customers.


ESN Technologies completed a thorough analysis of the entire system with its multiple and complex databases and large number of interdependent reports desired by the client. From this analysis, Everest Consultants would design the data warehouse, develop a set of extraction patterns as part of the ETL process, and create the reporting tools for the client. ESN Technologies also planned to use an agile methodology to ensure continuous flow of work and collaboration with the client's subject matter experts.


  • Visual Studio 2013
  • AngularJs
  • C#
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services


Following a disciplined design approach, ESN Technologies' technical teams designed the data warehouse, developed and implemented the data extraction patterns for the ETL process, and created the reporting tools for the client. This included the development of complex reports related to time, schedule, utilization, payment, allowances, financial, audit, insurance and other areas.The key win for the client, however, was the data extraction patterns established by ESN Technologies. The client was able to extend these to other ETL processes, reducing the client's development time by up to 30 percent.