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Crowd-source fundraising application

Product Information

Fundraising is crowd-source fundraising application acts as a bridge between donors, creators and innovators.

The Challenge

Developing crowd-source fundraising application from scratch with responsive UI using Bootstrap in MVC using Laravel framework. It should be flexible for web services for mobile and cross-platform development. Also, develop native mobile applications on mobile operating systems

Scope and Model

  • Analysing the business requirements and designing the workflows
  • Building the core components of the framework for reusability
  • Testing and verification of the application with real-time data
  • Planning release cycles as per priorities of the stakeholders


  • Developed a fundraising application that is truly responsive and usable.
  • Developed a Mobile application to access all the features available on the web version.
  • Automated unit testing for the application using automation frameworks.
  • Optimized web server to handle spikes and lows in traffic.