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Clear Application

Client Profile

Our client, founded in 1997, specializes in Subject Matter Expert (SME) translation. SME translation is a unique process that involves professional translators as well as subject matter experts in the particular field of our client's business. Its services include globalization consulting, translation, localization, and testing solutions for business materials and systems including software, multimedia, learning services, and mobile applications. Our client specializes in the enterprise applications, eLearning, life sciences, and media and telecommunications industries.


Our client needed to re-engineer the existing SharePoint application to develop a Web application to facilitate the automation of the translation process for its clients. The application should enable the Corporate Business Managers to create budgets, sub budgets, and subsidiaries for various locales. A complete cycle of workflow is required from uploading the content to completing the translation by different vendors. All content is professionally translated and then edited by a chosen SME. SME translation is for companies who need absolute certitude that the translation is the highest quality possible.

Our Solution

ESN leveraged on the experience of developing the existing application using SharePoint technologies. The application was developed in the least time possible. The ESN team, banking on the knowledge of the requirements, rose to the occasion by delivering the application within four weeks by adopting established schedule crashing techniques. ESN implemented the workflows using Visual Studio 2008, .Net Framework 3.5, and SQL Server 2005 as a back end database. The application helped corporate and translation vendors to collaborate easily in different stages of translation process. ESN built a facility to review, search content, and view business intelligence reports within the application. ESN helped in deploying the application on client side..

Tools & Technologies

Development Tools: 
  • MS SharePoint Server 2007
  • Visual Studio .Net 2008 and C#
  • Sharepoint Designer 2007
  • .Net charting control

Customer Benefits

The customer received a huge benefit as the project was developed on time. The solution simplified the entire translation process making it easier for the client to expedite the translation. Also, the application provided quick status of the various projects in the form of budget summary, vendor scorecard, bank statement, etc.  ESN fast-tracked the development of the solution to meet the expectations of the client in meeting their schedule.