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Buddy Tracker - Mobile Application

Product Profile

Buddy Tracker is a location based product that is simple and fun to use, creates a strong sense of community and identity, and combines entertainment and practical value in an attractive mobile application. Users can locate their friends easily, using their mobile phones. Locations are displayed in a text message or on a map, depending on the user interface.


A leader in software consulting, ESN, recognized the need for social networking tools and services for today’s consumer. ESN designed the product based on the mobile devices as the platform for the service. The Buddy Tracker module allows users to view location of the buddies within their network, while the Community Builder module allows the users to interact with new friends. Buddy Tracker and Community Builder are ideal for mobile operators since it encourages friends to sign up for the service - therefore increasing the subscriber’s base, traffic and revenues.

Our Solution

ESN, rose to the challenge and developed the product for mobile devices and designed a Web interface to serve as a back up and to improve user experience. Some of the key features of the products are:
  • Scrap Book (Scrap book is the massaging facility where people can exchange text messages)
  • Buddy Tracking (Maintain and track the whereabouts of an exclusive list of friends and colleagues as a location based service)
  • Social Networking
  • Ability to accept/deny pending buddy requests
  • Upload and play for audio/video/photo files
  • Location log which displays the history of locations previously visited by a user.

Customer Benefits

By leveraging its experience in mobile applications, ESN, provides easy and intuitive solutions to the industry. ESN can piggyback on its suite of products to quickly provide custom solutions to the industry. ESN can help mobile operators enhance customer loyalty and user experience through its simple and intuitive applications and solutions.