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Benefits Administration

Client Profile

An insurance services company, located in Beaverton , Oregon , USA , provides employee benefit insurance services using Web-based paperless enrollment for all lines of coverage. Their online benefits administration system was officially launched in early 2000, with additional modules and enhancements scheduled over a multi-year developed project schedule. Today there are thousands of employees and dependents administered on this Web-based solution; from small, two-man companies to large, multi-state employers.


This ESN client had more than 500 clients receiving combined bills, COBRA administration and enrollment services. Their existing internal process procedures were fairly manual, so spreadsheets and paper tracking soon grew out of control. They required an online retrieval system to help manage requirements and client accounts.

Our Solution

ESN helped the client transfer their outdated, back-end Oracle system over to a new SQL Server solution, which implemented browser-based UI functionality and business rules layers using the .NET framework. To manage effectively the changing requirements, ESN developed a well-defined Software Development Life Cycle model that took an iterative approach in the execution of this project. Our client provided the LLBL Gen components that encapsulating the functionality and the ESN development team created the user interface and integrating the required functionality for the application. ESN is continuing to maintain and developing additional application modules such as employee administration and generating eligibility files in HIPAA 834 format for electronic transmission of information to insurance agencies.

Tools & Technologies

  • MS Windows 2003
  • MS SQL Server 2000
  • .NET 1.1, VB/ASP.Net, Visual Studio 2003
  • LLBLGen Pro

Customer Benefits

This application simplified the client's workload by bridging the gap between the way benefits used to be administered and Web-based technology. In place of multiple enrollment forms that ask for the same information over and over again, ESN's developed application offered single-point paperless enrollment. All transactions are now online in the form of one entry and one enrollment. The clients have been extremely satisfied with the simple, efficient, error-free processing.

Project Management & Methodology

ESN uses a well-defined Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model, which takes an iterative approach in executing a project. Each build / milestone is scheduled so that obtaining specific requirements related to the revision of project documents, planning, thorough testing and bug fixing are carried out incrementally. One of the team members is signed the role of quality analyst to review and update project documents, organize testing activities and conduct regular code reviews walkthroughs. Designated team members work in tandem with the quality analyst, as members of the testing team, continuously aiming to enhance the quality of the software delivered.